Saturday, April 4, 2015

Some of my favorite things from Trader Joe's

I I have become obsessed with Trader Joes! I go there at least 1 time a month, if not more! My daughter loves their yogurt, their nutrigrain bars and many other products. My husband and I have been living off of some of their frozen meals lately! 

I wanted to share one of my shopping trips with you. I sadly don't have prices for all of the products but I can give you ball park for all! 

The best thing of all shopping at Trader Joe's?? If you don't like something the he'll return it for a FULL refund, no questions asked! 

This picture shows all of the items I purchased with my daughter in mind. Starting from the upper left:
-Trader Joes full fat greek yogurt $2.49 daughter loves this, I use it to make my blueberry muffins. 
-Trader Joes European style full fat yogurt  $3.69 daughter loves this yogurt! 
-Trader Joe's poptarts frosted and sprinkled with sugar pomegranate and cherry (I think they were around $2.50) daughter, husband and I enjoy these. They're an extremely healthier option than regular poptarts 
-on top of poptarts Trader Joe's multigrain crackers (approx $2.50) haven't opened yet 
-Trader Joe's organic mini cheese sandwich crackers (approx $3) these are delicious. Both my daughter and I love them. 
-Trader Joe's nutrigrain bars apple and strawberry ($1.99 each) 6 pack daughter loves the strawberry, haven't gotten her to try Apple yet. I wasn't a fan. Might return them. 
-Trader Joe's spinach tortellini (approx $1.99) daughter loves these with their maranaria sauce
-Trader Joe's fish sticks 24 pack (approx 3.99??) I tried these and they were very good! 
-Trader Joe's Sweet Potato gnocchi with butter and sage ($2-$3) DELICIOUS, I love them. Daughter are them dipped in yogurt. I plan to try again without yogurt.
-Trader Joe's shredded cheese ($3.99 approx) yummy, put on eggs, and in quesadillas
-Trader Joe's sliced cheese (approx $3.99) mostly for quesadillas haven't tried yet. 
-Apple Gate herb roasted turkey- daughter won't eat, I wasn't a fan either. Plan to return 

This picture shows mostly food that my husband and I eat for dinner, a couple are snacks.
From upper left to right:

-Trader Joe's cheese and chicken enchiladas ($1.99-$2.49 approx) haven't tried yet
-Trader Joe's white mushrooms ($2 approx a box)
-Trader Joe's lightly breaded eggplant and marinara sauce ($2.49 each item I sampled there and it was so yummy!
-Trader Joe's veggie fried rice ($1.99 approx) delicious! 
-Trader Joe's Gorgonzola Gnocchi ($2.49 approx) so yummy! I have added pine nuts, spinach, mushrooms and carmalized onions to this. You could also add chicken or shrimp to make a meal! 
-Trader Joe's Shiitake Mushroom meal with Edamame and green beans. (Approx $3-$4) it was pretty good. 
-Trader Joe's Double Creme Bree (approx $5 for the triangle) husband has enjoyed it. I haven't tried it yet. I love Bree 
-One serving bag (13 bags) of almonds. ($7.99 approx) delicious and a nice size serving 
- Trader Joe's Mandarine Orange Chicken ($4.99 approx) The most delicious frozen meal ever! I have baked the check in the oven and also pan fried in a little EVOO both ways was delicious! 

Top left to bottom right:
-Trader Joe's light Mac and Cheese. ($1.99-$2.50)
-Trader Joe's nutrigrain bars Fig $1.99
-Trader Joe's Cracker Assortment ($4.99?)
-Trader Joe's tarter Sauce ($1.99-$2.50?)
-Zucchini $3ish
-onions $0.49 -$0.89 each I believe 
-cucumbers $3.50? 

My totally bill was about $120! I also got a bag of cat food for $4.99. I was so happy. Normally if I go somewhere else I easily spend $200. 

What's your favorite thing to purchase from Trader Joe's? Happy shopping!

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