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And it's a...... GIRL!

August 12th, 2013 8:00am

Anthony and I are at the gyno's office waiting to have our 20 week ultrasound, which will reveal the gender of our peanut! It was a day we were anticipating for a long time! That night we would be reveling the gender to our family (my sister and brother-in-law via FaceTime). We had asked everyone to wear either pink or blue depending on what they thought we were having. Boys run in the DiTrapani family. Anthony comes from a famliy of 4 boys and his cousins combine have 8 boys; so the majority thought it was a boy. My father in law was so convinced it was a boy, he started calling the baby Anthony Jr.  (HA little did He know...)

"Jamie... Dit..ra..pani" The nurse calls us back. (No one can ever say our last name right.. I'm starting to learn to deal with it). We anxiously get up and walk back into the ultrasound room. This is our 3rd ultrasound (I felt so big that at my 12 or 16 week appointment I told my doctor that I thought I might be having twins so I got an extra ultrasound (:) I got up on the chair and anticipated the cold feeling of the jelly they squirt on your belly. I looked up and there she was, our beautiful baby! She had gotten so big! My husband was holding my hand and the ultrasound tech started talking in the normal foreign language about the fluids and this and that.. then she said, "So would you like to find out if you're having a girl or a boy?!"

Me, personally I am a planner but, and I surprised myself feeling this way, I didn't really care if we found out. I would probably have been okay most of the time not knowing what we were having. My husband on the other hand said we were finding out, there were no if, and's or but's! I did not fight him; he didn't get to carry the baby, feel the baby kick (from the inside of course) so I wanted to give him something concrete to have.

She asked us if we had a feeling of what the baby was. I responded, "My husband has a feeling that it is a girl, my father in law on the other hand is convinced it is a boy. Boys run in their family!" I on the other hand have no idea, no feeling.

The ultrasound Tech responded, "Well it looks like dad is right!" My response was, "so we're having a boy??" and she said, "No it is a girl!" I was not use to hearing my husband called Dad! I thought she was talking about my FIL! I was shocked. My husband was right in his feeling! WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!

Now came the hard part... keeping it to ourselves until later that night! My father in law was calling all day, he even stopped by trying to get the gender of the baby out of us! We almost slipped many times. I actually did slip but thankfully no one caught it.

You can see from the pictures posted who thought it was a girl and who thought it was a boy!

My father in law came straight from work, but he would have had blue on. My husbands Aunt Cheryl came from work also, so she brought Twizzlers, pink of course. 

I made a cake the night before and frosted the inside of it pink when we got home from my doctors appointment. We waited until my sister and brother in law were home from work and we had eaten dinner, we made fajita's. 

We cut the cake and well..

it was PINK

Everyone was shocked! My mother wanted it to be a girl, but thought it was a boy. My father in law couldn't believe it but was excited to have a little "princess" in the family. My youngest brother in law Dominic couldn't believe it, and didn't believe it was a girl until he saw her. (He was supposed to be a girl until my MIL went to her ultrasound at like 37 weeks pregnant and they said, "oops we see something" and 2 weeks later out popped Dominic!) so his POV was, it isn't official until its official! He loves Clare to death now, they're best friends. It felt so good to tell everyone; we were having a reveal party with our friends later that week so it was hard not to tell everyone what we were having! Here are some pictures from when we had our friends over!

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