Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sharing the news!

So now that I have told you how my Anthony and I found out we were pregnant I will tell you how we told everyone else! When we found out I was only about 5 weeks pregnant. Most people would say, don't say anything until you're at least 12 weeks pregnant... Do u know who you're talking about here?? I can't keep a secret for 20 minutes! I couldn't wait until Anthony got home to tell him I was pregnant!

When Anthony got home (finally!! It seemed like forever!) we sat on the couch together looking at each other in disbelief... We are pregnant! We were so excited! We discussed how we would tell everyone.. Should we wait? No! I couldn't wait, are you crazy??

So since we lived closest to my parents we went there first. We just showed up, walked in the front door. My parents were getting dinner made. I remember vividly my dad was putting together a salad. We said our hello's, how are you? What are you two up to. And then I said, "Well, the reason we are here is to tell you... We are pregnant! They both looked like deer in headlights. They were shocked. The salad my dad was making turned into coleslaw; he couldn't stop chopping it up. (Let me just say that the two of them are obsessed with Clare and can't get enough of her!) They weren't expecting to hear those words come out of my mouth! I was at the tail end of student teaching, didn't have a job and well.. Wasn't exactly the "best time" to be pregnant.

So after that, we went to Anthony's parents. We had to come up with a reason to be there because we lived a little farther from them and we wouldn't just randomly show up. So when we came in we told them Anthony couldn't find his wallet (which is a normalcy in his life). We had his little brother go get his dad in the office because if one of us went to get him he'd know something was up. So his mom, dad, and two brothers, Anthony and I were all standing in their living room and I told Anthony, we'll go ahead. "Well, the reason why we are here is.. To tell you we are pregnant!" Anthony's father said, "SHUT UP! Oh my God!!!" And let me tell you, I kid you not! He squeezed me so hard I though he was going to squeeze that baby right out of me! He had been asking us since our HONEYMOON so, where are my grand-kids! He even shed a tear!

It's funny because we had them over for dinner the night before and I pulled him aside and told him that I would appreciate it if he stop bothering me, that it didn't help that we were trying and we weren't pregnant yet. It doesn't make someone feel so great when they're trying to get pregnant and you have someone constantly asking you. Little didn't I know I was infact with child!

Anthony's mother was just as excited, but she didn't squeeze the day lights out of me. Dominic, Anthony's soon to be 10 year old brother, couldn't stop talking about how he was going to be an uncle. He was thrilled! And Nicolas, who is the sweetest, most helpful person was beaming with joy! He was also excited to be an uncle!

Next stop, Anthony's brother Joe and sister-in-law Monica's house. They were REALLY confused why we were there as they live a good 20-25 minutes from us. They even said, "what are you guys doing here?" Anthony pretty much just came out and said, "we are pregnant!" The look on both of their faces was sheer surprise! They couldn't believe what they heard. Joe even said, "are you serious??" We all hugged and it was just so exciting to tell everyone that we were having a baby.

Personally I couldn't believe it. We had been talking about a baby for YEARS! I wanted to be a mom so badly, it hurt! We were having a baby!!!

My sister and brother-in-law live in Chicago so I messaged her and told her to FaceTime me when they were both home. It was not the best connection when they called so it was hard to have a conversation but I wanted to tell them as face to face as we could get! So we told them we were pregnant and they were excited. I think they were as shocked as my mother and father. My sister was getting married at the beginning of August and we were on totally different pages in life! (But again, let me say my sister spoils Clare like none other and loves her to pieces!)

So now our immediate family knows that they're going to be Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas. Some are overjoyed, some are shocked and excited.

 Myself.. I was in disbelief to be honest. I couldn't wrap my head around it. I was pregnant. I had an innocent little life growing inside of me. In 9 months our lives would change forever. We had no idea how much it was going to change, how exhausted we would be, how our hearts were going to grow to love someone we didn't even know! It was so much to wrap my head around, but I was THRILLED!!

In only 16 short weeks we will find out the gender!! Stay tuned!!

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