Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chicken Piccata

Last night we had my parents over for dinner before they left for their trip to Vegas! I decided to make my go to meal, chicken piccata! (we normally have it a couple times a month) it is so delicious! Last night we had it with brussels sprouts  and spatzel. (German noodles, we serve the chicken piccata over them) 

The recipe calls for chicken breasts but I use chicken tenders most of the time. We get them in bulk from Costco. 

The first thing you do is make sure the chicken is clean, I run it under cold water and make sure all the chicken slim (yuk) is off. Put flour (whatever kind of flour you want to use, whole wheat, whole wheat white or just white flour) either on a plate or in a ziplock bag (which I found found to be easier and leaves less of a mess, thanks for the tip from my Mother-in-law). Add salt and pepper to the bag. Salt and pepper the chicken and then add it to the bag and shake or put it on the plate and dredge both side shaking off the excess flour. 

Get a large pan out and add a couple tablespoons of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil ) and turn the burner on medium-high. Once the oil is hot add the chicken, (you can use whatever amount of chicken you would like.) let the chicken brown on one side and then flip to brown the other. 

Once both sides have browned and the chicken is cooked through remove to a plate. 

Add one can of chicken stock to the pan to deglaze the pan, to get all the yummy bits off the bottom of the pan,  1/2- 1 lemon depending on how "lemony" you like things (I normally add even more (: ) and a jar of capers. Bring this mixture to a boil and then add the chicken back to the pan. Reduce to a simmer and let sit for 5 or so minutes. It's best to serve quickly because the sauce will continue to reduce. 

 Now I like a lot of sauce so I normally add an extra 1/2-2/3 can of chicken stock and another 1/2 lemon. Last night we also added a little white wine and it was so yummy! 

I have made this recipe my own so it does not follow the recipe perfectly. 

I sadly did not take a picture of it played because we are so late and we were all starving :) but next time I make it I will try to remember to take a picture. I hope you enjoy this recipe and make it one of your family recipes. I got the recipe from Giada   De Laurentiis cook book. See link below. 

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