Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mac and Cheese, Please!

So my daughter is a pretty picky eater. She loves her Mac and Cheese though. I personally don't care for the box of Kraft however, so I have been trying to find a quick, one pot, easy clean up recipe. I was search Pinterest (like I always do for easy recipes) and I came across this one. It was so easy. It called for 2 cups of past, milk and cheese, but instead I just did a 1/2 cup of each and I also added a little butter. (I did add a little extra milk because mommy hood called and my daughter needed me and the milk all evaporated and the noodles stuck to the bottom... SAVE!) It wasn't very pretty but it was pretty good! The milk actually made it taste a little sweet... Hopefully after her nap she will eat it...

Update... She wouldn't eat it :( I thought it tasted good tho :)

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